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Sell your property with Crown Estates

When you entrust Crown Estates to sell your property, you can be guaranteed that you will be told what you need to know and not what you want to hear.

This is because we take into consideration the current market trends and do not believe in valuing your property at an unrealistic price that will have you sitting on your property for months, if not years. With Crown Estates your property will only be shown to thoroughly vetted and fully qualified potential buyers, which we will actively seek from our own client base and outside sources. When it comes to marketing your property to achieve a successful sale, we are discerning yet proactive in our approach.

In addition to committing to a well thought-out local, national and international advertising strategy in the most effective relevant media, we also make full use of the advertising opportunities the internet presents and our personal network.


We have different marketing packages for different properties, but the following elements are always present:

  • Promotion to our private network with more than 21.000 individuals
  • Promotion to our professional network with more than 2.000 Investors and agencies
  • Professional photoshoot to showcase your property at its best
  • PDF Brochure of your property, making it easy for interested individuals to study the property on -and offline
  • Automatic implementation into several property networks and online property databases


If you are considering listing your property on the market, please do not hesitate with contacting us on +34 952 765 620 or info@crownmarbella.com